Posted by: guythinks | February 10, 2010

The Foundry

Once again, DineLA menus returned to restaurants in Los Angeles and this time I dined at The Foundry on Melrose. Chef Eric Greenspan is the Executive Chef and Owner of this restaurant that has been open for a little over two years now on Melrose Ave. where all the shops and restaurants are.

It was a Friday night and the last night of DineLA and people were definitely taking advantage of it. The Foundry was crazy busy.

We started our evening with a bottle of Bridesmaid Sauvignon Blanc. They also have a nice cocktail menu. A couple people in the group ordered off that menu. The Pooty Tang was one of the choices of the night, a very interesting name. The drink is made with Grey Goose Vodka and Tang. They also have a selection of Absinth drinks which someone ordered.

First up, an amuse bouche compliments of the chef was brought out to our table. A brioche filled with tomato marmalade and Pecorino shavings on top. Literally bite sized but packed with flavor.

After the amuse bouche the sommelier brought out tasters on the house of his favorite cocktail, the Pooty Tang. Little did he know someone at our table had already downed a glass of it. The tasters were strong, almost all GreyGoose and very little Tang.

Our first course consisted of this was the White Gazpacho. When it was brought to the table it only had the grapes, eggplant, almonds, and garlic chips in the bowl. The Gazpacho was then poured on top table side. Considering Gazpacho is usually a cold soup, this one was not. It was warm and it had lots of flavor. The actual Gazpacho included all the ingredients that were in the bowl but the ingredients gave the soup some depth and texture which was nice. The spiciness from the garlic and the sweet from the grapes was great.

Also part of the first course was the Tuna Tartare with edamame, japanese sweet potato, and citrus. Tuna was extremely fresh and delicious. It just melted on my tongue. One of my favorite tuna tartares. The other ingredients really added a lot to the dish on many levels.

For the second course we had the Tamarind Glazed Pork Belly with salsify noodles, cashews, kumquats, and red jalapeno. I finally got to try pork belly. Yes, I’ve had bacon before, but it’s not the same. I am so happy I’ve finally got to experience the fatty pork’s belly.

Also part of the second course was the Duck Confit and Squash Risotto, blue cheese, cherries, and arugula. There wasn’t very much duck in this dish but it was still tasty nonetheless. There was only a hint of blue cheese which gave the dish a little bit of a mild taste. I’m not usually a fan of blue cheese because I believe it tends to overpower any other flavors but that wasn’t the case in this dish. The squash and cherries were also a nice touch to give the dish a bit of sweet and tart.
The Breast of Duck, rutabega, creamed swiss chard, golden raisins, and fingerling potatoes was one of the two entrees. The duck was cooked perfectly and was nice and tender and not too gamey. The dish had a bit of a bitter and a bit of sweet to it which was nice.
Our second entrée, Caramelized Scallops, beets, chipolinis, balsamic brown butter sauce. These are some of the biggest if not the biggest scallops I have ever seen/eaten. Who would have thought 3 scallops can actually be a bit filling. Probably my favorite dish of the night. The scallops were perfect – not mushy not fishy. All the accompanying ingredients really made this dish spectacular. Two types of beets gave it a bit of a sweet tang, and the chipolinis onions also added a bit of sweetness. And then there was the sauce, which I thought was more of a foam. So many great flavors  on this plate.
To start our desserts, a Blood Orange Bar, balsamic, and goat cheese ice cream. A very light dessert. The blood orange bar definitely had a citrus taste but I didn’t feel like it was strong enough. The goat cheese ice cream was really nice and smooth and not as sour as I thought it would be. When combining the two together and wiping it in the balsamic, you get a really tasty dessert.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread Pudding with peanut brittle ice cream. This was by far my favorite dessert of the three. It really was like having a PB&J sandwich with ice cream on top. Simply delicious.
Our last dessert and final course of the evening was the Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Opera Cake with pistachio sauce and chocolate sorbet. Again, everything about this dessert was great. The pistachio and chocolate in the opera cake went really well together and the dark chocolate in the sorbet must have been at least 80%. Best chocolate sorbet I’ve ever had.
Sadly, not everything was perfect. We had to wait a very long time before our first course came out and the timing of everything was just horrible. However, the food and the comped items definitely made up for it. We ended up getting the bottle of wine, the shots, an appetizer, and a dessert taken off the bill without us even saying anything.

The Foundry on Melrose
7465 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-0915


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