Posted by: guythinks | January 7, 2010

Gindi Thai

It has been a while since my last post but I promise I will be more frequent with them from now on. My latest outing takes me to Gindi Thai, a restaurant between the cities of Toluca Lake and Burbank that serves both Thai dishes and Sushi. This was actually the second time I had heard of a restaurant offering both Thai and Sushi. Accompanying me was Patrick. Only a week or two before someone had told me about another restaurant, Red Ginger that did this as well. I thought, how strange to serve both in the same restaurant, but at the same time, how wonderful because I love both! My name is Guy, and this is what I think.

The restaurant is very nicely decorated with a large open dining room that actually consists of three areas. In one of the areas there’s a sushi bar and a wine and liquor bar is in another area. The decor is pretty modern with dim lighting. There was no wait to be seated which was great I was hungry.

Our first dish of the night was the Steamed Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings with spicy coconut cream curry sauce ($6.00). It was garnished with peas, peppers, and cilantro. The dumplings were steamed just the right amount of time so as not to fall apart when I picked them up but also not to be undercooked. The flavor of the curry sauce went really well with the dumplings and the peas, which were also cooked nicely, added a nice touch.

Since they also served sushi I couldn’t resist. We ordered the Gindi Special Roll ($9.00) which was sushi rice wrapped with Tuna and topped with spicy shrimp. The fish was definitely fresh and good quality. Flavor wise it was perfect. The spicy shrimp had some good heat. I was very pleased with this roll.

We each ordered separate entrees. Patrick ordered the Atlantic Salmon in Pineapple Curry, which I did not taste since I’m not a fan of salmon. I had the Tangy Thai Cashew ($9.00), a more traditional Thai dish that is Wok fried with chicken, fresh roasted cashew nuts, bell pepper and onions. The meat was all white, which is what I like, and the flavors of the dish were all what you would expect.

We also had some green tea ice cream to finish which I didn’t take a picture of. Overall I really enjoyed the food, service, and atmosphere of Gindi Thai. Their prices are pretty decent except for the sushi which I would say is a little on the pricey side. I look forward to another meal here.

Gindi Thai

4017 W Riverside Drive

Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 567-1221



  1. ahhh! i want to come here!

  2. I love Gindi Thai! It’s such a cute little place in and they have great food (esp their Pad Thai and steamed dumplings) 🙂

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