Posted by: guythinks | October 3, 2009


So I know I said I would be dining at five locations over the next two weeks but due to the lack of funds required for that many extravagant outings I will only be going to three. That way I still get $20 credit on my Amex. So I bet you’re all dying to know which restaurants I have chosen. The first one I will be dining at is Maison Akira in Pasadena, Ca. Maison Akira is a French Restaurant with Japanese flare. My friend Tony will be joining me on this adventure that will take place on Tuesday, October 6.

Next I will be dining at The Bazaar by Jose Andres located at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. Jose Andres is a world renowned chef from Spain who cooks Spanish food with sophistication. My friends Nicole, Talia, and Jose will be joining me on Thursday, October 8 for this memorable meal.

Finally, my friends Tony and Talia will be dining with me at Taste on Melrose in West Hollywood, Ca. This will take place on Monday, October 12.

I am really excited to dine at all three locations and can’t wait to share my experience’s with all of you.



  1. Good. I need a new place to work… 😉

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